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Going back to dating as a senior can be a horrible experience. But online dating and matching prove to make things easier. A recent survey conducted by the National statistics revealed shocking information about divorce and marriage among seniors. It was discovered that the divorce rate among people within the age of 60 to 65 years increased exponentially between 2015-2020.

Senior people can date also. It is not just for young people. They are numerous senior online dating sites for people over 60 years old. However, the whole process can be frustrating times, getting to create a profile on online dating sites and waiting to get a perfect match for a partner.

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If you are a senior and are looking for the best online dating for seniors, you are in the right place. In this post, we will discuss the tips that will help you in your dating and the best online sites for senior dating.

Importance of dating as a senior

The fact is that dating as a senior can be smooth and sweet as dating as a young chap or lad. This is because, at the later part of our lives, we tend to have a stronger hold of our convictions, interests and identity. We will not settle for less until we get what we want. Therefore, with history record of different relations, we now know want we want in a lover and are ready to go any extent to get it regardless of our age range.

If you are within the age range of 60 and above the good news is that there are various ways of meeting potential lovers, none of which involves clubbing at night. Keep reading to till the end to get a full grasp of this post.

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Tips for seniors dating

  • Online dating is the most suitable option for seniors

We live in a digital age where you can do virtually everything online. From working to shopping online, banking and just anything, you can think of. The internet has made things faster and easier at this age. It is refreshing to know that we can leverage the internet to find love as seniors. Over the years, online dating has proven to be the most suitable method for finding love even among young people as well as seniors. Most people found true love via online dating and even got married.

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The main advantage of online dating is that it puts the ball in your courts. The online space is so vast that you have the liberty to choose whoever you want and ignore anyone you don’t like. Many online dating sites are free to use without any subscription and require your login details with emphasis on your location and appearance. Some other sites require you to pay a monthly subscription to have access to their services.

  • Choose the right online dating platform and service

You must note that different online dating sites exist for different reasons. Some online dating sites are specially designed for older men and women above 60, and some other sites exist to meet the specific needs of users. If you are searching for a like-minded partner, one that connects with your innermost being and shares the same kind of mindset and ideology with you, then your best option should be online dating sites like Saga Dating, Telegraph dating Mature Love etc. before the end of this post, we will mention some other sites and review a few.

Check out some of the online dating sites for seniors.

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1. Senior Match (senior online dating 60 plus)

Senior Match is one of the best senior dating sites over 60. It has gained much popularity since its launching in 2003 and has stood out in the senior dating industry. Senior Match caters for users over 60 and focuses on older dating. It does not allow users 30 years. Therefore, it is consistent in maintaining the age bracket for seniors. You can rely on Senior Match to get a suitable partner that suits your kind of person.

2. Our Time

Our Time is a senior dating agency over 60. They have a vast database with members from all parts of the world. It is a mature online dating site and caters for relationship-minded seniors. After your successful register on Our Time, your profile will be displayed on the Our Time community. The site is reliable and trusted in helping you get your perfect match.

3. eHarmony (singles 60 plus)

eHarmony is one of the top senior dating sites 60 plus. They have over 30 million active users on their database. It is also a senior dating site for singles over 60. They have a track record of helping seniors finding serious, long and lifetime lovers. One of the key features that stand eHarmony out is their automated matching system. It works like magic and ensures that you find a suitable partner based on the personal details you submitted during your online registration. You also have a high tendency to meet local on the site.

Senior online dating over 60

4. Senior people meet (Senior dating for singles over 60)

Senior people meet one of the best dating websites for seniors over 60. It is also known as a retirement dating site because it has a track recording of helping single senior retirees find the love of their life. Most members of the site are 60 and above; therefore, you don’t need to bother about being contacted by young people who want to scam you. It is strictly a dating site for retired.

5. AARP Dating

AARP is an acronym that stands for the American Association of Retired one of the best retirement sites for mature online dating for senior. There are over 37 million active users on their database who are already in a relationship. AARP is one of the best online dating for seniors over 60. It also provides other services such as travel, entertainment and health apart from dating services.


Being a senior does not mean you cannot enjoy all the benefits that come from dating and being in a cool relationship. Have fun, unleash your dating experience as in your youthful days. Dating as a senior can help boost your self-confidence and self-esteem and has proven to be the best way to enjoy and maintain a healthy sex life in your old age. You can rely on any of the dating sites for seniors over 60 listed above to get a suitable lover that suits your personality.